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My Story


I started Rich Apparels back in 2014. I remember back in high school, there were certain groups who would poke fun at those less fortunate. By me not having the 'name brand' clothing, it made me an easy target for those who like to poke fun. Then that fueled me. I wanted to create a clothing brand that gives confidence and builds up self-esteem.

My main goal is to inspire our generation to chase their dreams and mold them into a reality. The best thing about my brand is that it's "the t-shirt for any occasion". My pieces can be worn from everyday casual wear to a dress-to-impress dinner party.

My brand thrives on diversity and ignores the social norms for what a 'model' should be. No matter your gender, religion, race, sexuality, weight, or height - that is what Rich Apparels stands for.

My mission statement is to transcend socio-economic and cultural barriers by unity through fashion design.